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A minimum of 6 of the 24 graduation requirements must be taken through the Dual Diploma Program. The other 18 credits must be successfully completed at the student’s home school and will be applied to meet the graduation requirements of the United States Diploma.


All students will take the 4 required courses: 2 credits of English, United States History, and United States Government/Economics. Students will take 2 credits from the Electives.


You can graduate high school with a Korean high school diploma and an American high school diploma on the same day!


The 6 virtual courses can be taken on your own timeline in 2,3, or 4 years. Average coursework is 3-5 hours per week.

A Sample Course of Study - 3 Year Program:

          Year 1: English & Elective

          Year 2: English & US History

          Year 3: US Government/Economics & Elective

College Entrance Exam is one of our popular offered electives, request a current course catalogue for full elective offerings.


Our Courses:

• The curriculum is a combination of core courses and electives. All courses are taught in English.

• Each full credit course consists of 2 semesters.

• Each half credit course consists of 1 semester.


The courses provide students with interactive, student-centered, and media-rich educational opportunities in a flexible virtual environment.


Program Overview

Dual Diploma

The  Dual Diploma program includes:

1) Six high school level courses taught in English


2) Opportunities to participate in engaging global student community projects


3) A robust College Mentor Program in which you are paired with an American mentor who is currently attending an Ivy League University. The Mentor will help guide you through the entire process of applying and entering into a US University of academic excellence


Academica International Studies graduates receive:

1) American High School Diploma


2) Professional assistance for applying to US colleges including SAT prep and College Essay Writing


3) Access to immersive English language learning opportunities, US pedagogical techniques, a rigorous and well-rounded curriculum, technology training, and a diverse global community of students

Graduates of the Dual Diploma Program receive the same degree as American High School Graduates! This diploma is recognized by all American Universities!

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