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1) Small Group Discussion Sessions: Students will have a chance to speak in a mentor-led session with 10-14 of their peers about college and career planning


2) Thematic Workshops: Students will participate in weekly webinars concerning specialized advising topics including visa requirements, athletic recruitment, artistic portfolio evaluation in the admissions process, and other topics


3) College Exploration Workshops: A student representative from a different college or university will host a workshop each week and answer questions about their specific college experience to help students decide on their best fit


4) One on One Advising Sessions: Students will have individual meetings with their assigned mentor to receive one-on-one advising and have their personal questions answered and progress monitored


5) Essay Critiques: Students will have the option to submit college essays for review by a member of our mentor team and receive feedback within one week of essay submission


6) Resume Reviews: Students will have the option to send in drafts of their resume to receive content and formatting advice from a member of our mentor team


7) Mock Interviews: Students have the option to schedule mock-interviews led by mentors to simulate college admissions and hiring interviews and will be given constructive post-interview feedback


8) Ask an expert Q&A: Students can submit questions about the college search/application process to be answered by an expert on our team within 48 hours


Students will have 24/7 access to videos, moderated discussion boards, job placement and other assessments, informational documents and proprietary planners.

Specifics of the Mentor Program

College Mentor

Our mentors are currently attending Ivy-League or equivalently academically rigorous American universities. They meet with students in a virtual group or one-on-one setting and get to know each student’s specific needs and goals.

Mentors will keep students on track for being ready to apply for college with a calendar of what you need to be doing each month. The first two years will be exploratory and informational and as students progress through high school the focus will narrow to exactly what forms you need to be filling out, tests to be taken, and other specific preparation for college applications.

While students work on their Dual Diploma they will also be matched with a college mentor.

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