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What is Academica International Studies?

Academica International Studies (AIS) is a premier online high school based in the USA that enables students living in Korea to earn an American High School Diploma that is equivalent to any high school diploma given to an American student in the USA. The Korean student does not leave home and receives an American Diploma along with a Korean Diploma (Dual Diploma) upon graduation from the student's local Korean High School.


AIS also assists in the Admission Process to an American University of the student's choice. While students work on their Dual Diploma they will also be matched with an American College Mentor. Our mentors are currently attending Ivy-league or equivalently academically rigorous American Universities. They meet with students in a virtual group or one-on-one setting and help each student achieve his or her needs and goals.

Below is a list of highly selective US Colleges and Universities to which mentees have earned acceptance:

     Harvard University

     Yale University

     Brown University

     Columbia University

     Cornell University

     University of Pennsylvania

     Stanford University

     University of Oxford

     Duke University

     Northwestern University

     Georgetown University

     Johns Hopkins University

     New York University

     Amherst College

     Boston College

     Boston University

     Brandeis University

     Emory University

     Middlebury College

     University of California at Berkley

     University of California at Los Angeles

     University of Chicago

     University of Florida

     University of Miami

     University of North Carolina

     University of Rochester

     University of Southern California

     University of Virginia

     Vanderbilt University

     Washington University in St. Louis



AIS is part of the Academica family of schools which are made up of over 150 brick and mortar high performing schools across the USA. Many of the Academica served schools in Florida have been recognized at local and state levels for high academic achievement.


In 2010 we began providing our same level of high quality education to students online internationally. We started with 10 students in a small Spanish village and have now grown worldwide to provide virtual education to over 4,200 students in Spain, France, Italy, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela and Guatemala.

John W. Weeks Bridge and clock tower over Charles River in Harvard University campus in Boston


Yale University


Alexander Hall in Princeton University.


The Library of Columbia Universary with crowds below for a festival in New York City.


University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania

Oxford, England

University of Oxford, England

Stanford University Tower


Cornell University in Ithaca, New York


Georgetown University


Berkeley University Sather Tower

University of California at Berkley

Northwestern University, Chicago

Northwestern University

Campus of Vanderbilt University.

Vanderbilt University

Duke cathedral

Duke University

Royce Hall

University of California at Los Angeles

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